The Vision

The new Science Building will be located at the center of the University of Texas at Dallas campus just north of the current SLC building.   It will contain classrooms, laboratories, offices and support space primarily for mathematics, physics, chemistry and the UTeach Program. This Science Building will provide efficiently designed space to support the 
optimal productivity of the faculty and staff of UT Dallas, particularly in the Departments of Physics and of Mathematical Sciences as they carry out their teaching, advising, and research activities.  Mathematical Sciences and Physics have closely correlated teaching missions, both in their roles of providing “service courses” to other units, such as 
Management and Engineering, and in their own majors, and have considerable synergy in their research activities. The Science Building will accommodate growth for 1,750 additional students, 50 tenured and tenure-track faculty members, 20 senior lecturers, and 
additional research funding of $7,500,000 per year.